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The Teresian Association affirms that it is founded solely on Jesus Christ. The lives of its members are focused on Jesus, who is their strength and role-model as they play their part in transforming the world. As St Pedro Poveda said, the mission of the Teresian Association arises from the mystery of the Incarnation, which offers the surest way of living in God with all the fullnees of our humanity.

The way that Association members live in society, dispersed according to needs and sometimes far from others, is inspired in the way the early Christians lived in pagan societies. They worked with others in building the common good while radiating their faith. Allowing the Word of God to guide their lives, they celebrated the Eucharist and lived in a particular way. As St Pedro Poveda said, "You must be outwardly just like everyone else, but noticeable by the holiness of your lives".

Poveda also wanted Association members to evangelise like the early Christians, and to use the same means to transform society: prayer, self-sacrifice, hard work, respect for law, dialogue and collaboration with others. Prayer and study are two essential ways for Teresian Association members to grow in faith and to engage in society as believers. These help them to read the signs of the times and to collaborate in building a more humane world.

The deep faith of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, has also been especially honoured in the Association. Appreciation of her faithfulness, self-giving and strength, has been from the outset a distinctive feature of the Teresian Association.

It was St Pedro Poveda’s wish that Teresian Association members draw inspiration from St Teresa of Jesus (Avila) for a life both deeply human and totally of God.